Date with Tachi.


[slowly leaves her barracks, slightly excited for this so called date with Tachi, wondering how a date is supposed to go, slowly walks towards the barracks where Tachi is right now. Letting her hair flow behind her, the afternoon sun reflecting off making her hair sparkle.

Getting closer to the Squad 12 Barracks, glares at the place cause she can smell Sake coming from the place, can’t believe someone so high rank drinks so much and waits outside for Her, doesn’t dare want to go in there and get sick of the sake smell]

So Disgusting.

Tachi was waiting for Sode no Shirayuki. Her master was at a date with the Visord. She was hoping that the outing with Sode would turn out great. The strong smell of sake was wafting at Tachi’s nose.


The squad members were having a Valentine’s Day party. She felt the sudden reiatsu of Sode no Shirayuki coming in the way.

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ooc/ Happy birthday my precious and beautiful baby! *.* 

Now you’ve got a tiger and a bat!

And a date with Rangiku trololol

ooc: Tachi gave you a giant sack of candy as big as Yachiru. I don’t know if it go through ; ~ ; 

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Ah, hello there Tobiume. 

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[walks to her with a calm expression on her face, it is only a mask cause she is nervous as hell on the inside] Tachi, sorry about this. [steals Her chocolate and walks away]

Oh, sode no shirayuki. Why you can gladly have my heart. 

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Hello there Zakarai-taichou. 

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I wonder…

Who can really steal my heart?

/Tachi said very shyfully/ 

Well I guess this will be very very interesting.

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Ah, hello there Kotetsu-san 

Bowing politely, Isane offered the woman a hand. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you.”

Ah, why hello there Kotetsu-fukutaichou. 
/shakes Isane’s hand/  

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Ah, hello there Kotetsu-san 

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Hello there Arrancars 

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